How the First Foreign-Born First Lady Tackled Her Critics – HISTORY

How the First Foreign-Born First Lady Tackled Her Critics – HISTORY

Source: How the First Foreign-Born First Lady Tackled Her Critics – HISTORY

Some Good News For A Change:

Some Good News For A Change:

1. Young baseball fan starts ‘line of awesomeness’ by sharing foul ball with stranger

During Tuesday night’s Detroit Tigers game, Travis Blackwell started what he called a “line of awesomeness.” When a foul ball flew into the stands, his dad caught it and tossed it to Blackwell. The 10-year-old then ran down to the row of seats where Michael Ogden, 7, was sitting with his family, and handed him the ball. “I wanted to make his day,” he told CBS News. Blackwell said that a few years ago, an adult gave him a foul ball at a game, and he wanted to pay it forward. Ogden thought what Blackwell did was “awesome,” so at Wednesday’s Detroit Tigers game, when a ball came flying over to the stands and a man threw it to him, Ogden passed it along to a girl sitting behind him. “It was her first baseball she has ever had,” Ogden said. [CBS News]

2. On his adoption day, boy adorably announces he’s going to be a big brother

July 16 was a big day for Jeremiah Dickerson. Not only was the 4-year-old adopted by his foster parents, Jordan and Cole Dickerson, but he also got to announce to the world he’s going to be a big brother. “It was an emotional day,” his mom, Jordan, told Good Morning America. Jordan is a pediatric nurse at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, and that’s where she met Jeremiah in January 2017. He needed foster parents who knew how to take care of his tracheal tube, and after a stint with another family, went home with Jordan and Cole. A year later, after his adoption was official, Jeremiah posed outside the Tennessee courthouse for photos holding a picture of his sister’s sonogram behind a sign reading, “Today I became a Dickerson. Up next … big brother.” [Good Morning America]

3. Police in New Jersey rescue bride and groom from floodwaters

On Saturday evening, while driving to their wedding, bride and groom Sabrina Torens and Connor Reilly got caught in a massive storm in New Jersey. Officer Michael Laferrera responded to their call for help, and got his car as close as possible to the stranded vehicle. He climbed on the roof, then reached out to Torens, who had climbed out of her sunroof. Torens was in her wedding gown, which managed to stay dry throughout the entire ordeal. Reilly scrambled out behind her, and the couple went on to continue their wedding festivities. “It was definitely a first for my career and [Laferrera’s] career,” Sgt. Geoffrey Cole told[]

4. College student picks up a paintbrush, and 9 months later has a major art exhibit

It started as a whim, and turned into an opportunity all artists dream about. University of Miami student Matthew Hanzman is studying political science, but decided nine months ago that he wanted to “give this art thing a good shot,” he told The Miami Herald. The 21-year-old began painting, and now, more than 70 of his pieces will be on display at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, where he is the first painter in the Emerging Artists Showcase. Miami is “eclectic” and “vibrant,” Hanzman said, and he told The Miami Herald his artwork “reflects Miami’s diversity.” Hanzman is about to start his senior year at the University of Miami, and while he’s not giving up his political science studies, he’s now “completely obsessed with art,” he said. “I hope to keep this going in the future.” [The Miami Herald]

5. First responders take care of family’s pet fish during Northern California wildfire

Grant the fish made quite a few friends this summer. The Carr Fire has been burning in Northern California for several weeks, and earlier this month, Grant’s family had to evacuate, leaving him behind in their home. Grant’s young owner was told by her father that Grant probably did not survive the fire, but “both were in for quite a shock when they returned home to a note and well-fed fish!” Cal Fire shared on its Facebook page. Cal Engine 1489 left a note next to the fish’s tank, letting the family know they had “fed your fish a few sprinkles.” Underneath that message, someone from the Corning Police Department wrote that they also fed Grant, and wished the family “good luck.” [ABC 7]

Trump escalates feud with intelligence officials:

Trump escalates feud with intelligence officials:

President Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan has escalated his feud with former intelligence officials.

The move was widely seen as an effort by Trump to retaliate against one of his most fervent critics and it has triggered concerns about whether others in the national security community will be affected.

The move is one that legal analysts say is unprecedented — marking the first instance of a president unilaterally intervening in a security clearance case of a former, high-level official.

Experts agree that Trump, as commander in chief, is within his authority to make determinations regarding who has access to classified information.

But Trump’s decision triggered a debate on whether he crossed the line given the seemingly partisan nature of his move.

It sparked a maelstrom of criticism from former intelligence officials and Democrats, who accused the president of seeking to silence his political foes.

Mark Zaid, a D.C.-based national security lawyer, said the decision could have a chilling effect on scores of individuals who need security clearances to perform their jobs.

“It raises the concerns that if you are politically opposed to the president, your security clearance is in jeopardy,” Zaid said. “They may now be stifled from voicing privately their political opinion.”

Some Republicans offered support for Trump’s move, however. There was also criticism of Brennan, who on social media and in cable television appearances has scorched the president with criticism.

“On one hand, we are venturing into territory where you have an administration exacting retribution on its predecessor — and that isn’t a good precedent to start setting because the favor will surely be returned,” said one former official who worked in Trump’s White House.

“On the other hand, Brennan has routinely sought to undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the current administration and someone engaged in that kind of behavior has no business having access to classified information,” the former official said. “Now he gets the same level of access as any other campaign hack.”

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in a statement Thursday criticized Brennan for writing in The New York Times that Trump’s claims of “no collusion” are “hog wash.” Burr contended that Trump was right to revoke his clearance if Brennan’s statements are “based on conjecture.”

Some Republicans, while criticizing Brennan’s highly political comments, also worried Trump was setting a dangerous precedent.

“Unless there was some disclosure of classified information of which I’m unaware, I don’t see the grounds for revoking his security clearance,” said Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who called Trump’s decision “unwise.”

Historically, former officials have retained their clearances for practical reasons, so they can provide guidance to current officials on issues they worked on.

But Trump, in a statement read by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday, charged that Brennan’s “lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nation’s most closely held secrets and facilities.”

Sanders flatly denied that Trump was acting to silence his critics.

But the president in an interview with The Wall Street Journal cited Brennan’s involvement in the beginnings of the Russia counterintelligence investigation, muddying the waters as to his reasoning.

The developments come as Trump continues to wage war publicly against the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference, which he again derided as a “rigged witch hunt” in the interview with the Journal on Wednesday.

The White House, meanwhile, is also fighting the growing political fire ignited by former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has been releasing secretly recorded tapes of conversations with other administration officials and making salacious claims about the president as she promotes her new book.

One GOP consultant described Wednesday’s announcement as a “nakedly partisan” stunt to distract from Manigault Newman’s disclosures.

“It’s a nakedly partisan stunt and it bumped Omarosa off for 20 minutes until Omarosa comes out with her next tape,” the source said.

Still, the move, whether perceived as a partisan stunt or to address national security concerns, could play well for the president among his base.

“Not only are you going after your political opponents who have wronged you, but you also are raising a substantive policy question about security clearances and who should have them when they leave the government,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said, calling it smart political messaging.

It is unclear what the fallout from the effort will be.

Under normal practice, legal analysts say, Brennan would have legal recourse to appeal the decision, under an executive order governing access to classified information signed by former President Clinton in 1995. It is unclear, however, if Brennan has received that notification from the White House, which did not respond to an inquiry for more information.

“He is supposed to receive a written revocation setting forth the reason why and a framework as to how he can appeal that decision,” said Zaid.

The White House is also reviewing whether to revoke security clearances belonging to other current and former officials, including Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department official who has become a target of House Republicans as they investigate the controversial Steele dossier, and former FBI Director James Comey.


Trump’s military parade postponed to next year, Pentagon says:

Trump’s military parade postponed to next year, Pentagon says:

President Trump‘s military parade planned for Veterans Day has been postponed until at least next year, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Rob Manning said in a statement that the Defense Department and White House have agreed to explore potential dates for the parade in 2019.

“The Department of Defense and White House have been planning a parade to honor America’s military veterans and commemorate the centennial of World War I. We originally targeted November 10, 2018 for this event but have now agreed to explore opportunities in 2019,” Manning said.

The announcement came hours after the Defense Department released an updated cost estimate for the planned parade, which pegged the price tag for the event at $92 million, including $50 million from the Pentagon and $42 million from interagency partners.

That figure is significantly higher than an initial estimate that three U.S. defense officials provided CNN with last month. That estimate pegged the cost of the parade at closer to $12 million, raising new questions about the overall cost of the event.

The parade, originally planned for Nov. 10, days after the midterm elections, has long been the focus of scrutiny from members of both parties. Lawmakers have questioned the cost and necessity of such a show of force, comparing it to high-profile military demonstrations in countries such as North Korea.

Plans for the parade are widely unpopular with Americans in polls, with 61 percent of voters opposing the plans even before the costs were announced in a survey taken earlier this year. Just 26 percent said they supported the plans in the same poll.


How to Care for an Introvert:

How to Care for an Introvert:

1. Respect their need for privacy and to spend time on their own.

2. Be careful never to embarrass them in public.

3. When they are in a new situation, allow them to stand back, and watch what’s going on.

4. Allow them time to process what you’re asking or saying. Don’t demand an answer right away.

5. Be patient if they hesitate to find the right words – and never interrupt while they are speaking.

6. If you are going to change or cancel plans, give them plenty of prior notice.

7. Allow them to practice and perfect skills alone.

8. Correct or challenge them privately – never in front of an audience.

9. Don’t force them to hang out with a crowd of people, or expect them to amass a lot of friends. A few good friends is more comfortable for them.

10. Don’t try to turn them into an extrovert. Respect them for being exactly who they are.

Tips for Becoming More confident:

Tips for Becoming More confident:

1. Stop discounting your successes – start affirming them instead. Don’t say “Oh, it’s nothing” or “Everyone could do that”. Treat, and talk to, yourself as you would a good friend.

2. Develop a positive attitude, and choose to get your mind off the negatives. For example, write down three things that went well each day, and three separate things that you are thankful for.

3. Work on your appearance; make an effort to look good. That doesn’t always have to cost the earth – and you’ll feel much happier and more confident.

4. Don’t be a doormat – or just follow the crowd. Think about your needs and what YOU want from life.

5. Be willing to take risks. If you don’t take a risk then nothing’s going to change – and you’ll be stuck in a rut going nowhere in life.