8 Things You Need to Chill Out About:

8 Things You Need to Chill Out About:

1. The few things that aren’t going right. – When things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for all the other things that are still going right. And if you’re struggling to be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you have escaped. Sometimes the best gifts in life are the troubles you don’t have.

2. Trying to label everyone and everything. – Sometimes you’ve just got to take people and situations for what they are, appreciate them, and not try to label them or change them.

3. Worrying about what everyone else thinks. – The minute you stop overwhelming your mind with caring about what everyone else thinks, and start doing what you feel in your heart is right, is the minute you will finally feel freedom.

4. Wasting time on the wrong people. – You cannot make someone respect you; all you can do is be someone who can be respected. No matter how much you care some people just won’t care back. At some point you have to realize the truth – that they no longer care or never did, and that maybe you’re wasting your time and missing out on someone else who does.

5. Old wounds and grudges. – You will never find peace until you learn to finally let go of the hatred and hurt that lives in your heart. In order to move on, you must know why you felt the way you did, and why you no longer need to feel that way. It’s about accepting the past, letting it be, and pushing your spirit forward with good intentions.

6. Superficial judgments. –Every human being is beautiful; it just takes the right set of eyes to see it.

7. Letting small disagreements snowball out of control. – Don’t let a single poisonous moment of misunderstanding make you forget about the countless lovable moments you’ve spent together.

8. Showing a lack of self-respect. – Decide this minute to never again beg anyone for the love, respect, and attention that you should be showing yourself. Choose to be your own best friend.

MSNBC Cuts Off Trump Immigration Event To Fact Check His Lies:

MSNBC Cuts Off Trump Immigration Event To Fact Check His Lies:

MSNBC cut off a Trump immigration event to fact check the false claims and statistics he was using to criminalize immigrants.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing said:

The consistent narrative from that president is that many of the migrants crossing the border overall are dangerous criminals threatening the safety of America. And the U.S. Customs and border protections own statistics so that simply is not true. Let’s look at the real numbers. There were a total of 415,191 apprehensions fiscal year 2017. They were 8,531 criminal aliens arrested. Of those three — three, were convicted of homicide or man more than 4,000 were convicted for illegal entry or reentry. Mostly, that’s a misdemeanor. And to be completely clear, the CBP defines criminal aliens as aliens who have been convicted of one or more crimes, whether in the U.S. Or abroad prior to interdiction by the U.S. Border patrol and does not include convictions for conduct that is not deemed criminal by the United States.

There is more. Four academic studies also show that Trump’s rhetoric suggesting that undocumented immigrants are more likely to break the law is flat out wrong. A criminologist at the University of Wisconsin Madison said increased undocumented immigration since 1990 has not increased violent crime over that same period. A 2015 study in Texas specifically found, quote, the homicide conviction rate for illegal immigrants was 25% below that of native-born Americans in the state. For sexual assault, 11.5% below that. And for larceny, 79% below people born in this country.

Now, we knew all of this before Trump’s policy to separate parents from their children at the border, saying it was a matter of national security. Again, in no way are we minimizing the tragic stories of victims. Because it is truly horrible. But the president’s use of these stories to paint migrants overall as mostly dangerous murderers and rapists and to use them to defend his policy of separating parents from their children is wrong. It is simply wrong on the facts.

Fact checks should be standard procedure for every Trump event

MSNBC got it right. If Donald Trump is going to use the presidency to lie to the American people, the press must correct those lies and not allow him to spread unchallenged disinformation. Everyone doesn’t know that Trump is lying, so it is vital that the media takes nothing for granted. Once the press knew what the intention of this event was, it should not have been covered. Trump spent the entire event lying, spreading fear, and using the stories of families of victims of violent crimes to demonize immigrants.

Trump should have been cut off because his rhetoric is dividing and harming the country. He also had nothing new to say and managed to screw up his racist attacks.

If the press is going to cover Trump, they need to fact check.

Doing anything less is a form of journalistic malpractice.

A Woman Was Detained for 2 Weeks After Accidentally Crossing the Canadian Border While Jogging:

A Woman Was Detained for 2 Weeks After Accidentally Crossing the Canadian Border While Jogging:


A jogger who says she inadvertently crossed the Canadian border while running was reportedly detained by U.S. authorities for two weeks.

Cadella Roman, a 19-year-old French woman who was visiting her mother in White Rock, British Columbia, said she accidentally ran across the Canadian border into Blaine, Washington, on May 21, CBC News reports. Roman claimed she did not see any signs marking the border, and told CBC she did not know her beachside run had taken her into the U.S. until she was stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers.

“I said to myself, well I may have crossed the border — but they’ll probably only give me a fine or they’ll tell me to go back to Canada or they’ll give me a warning,” Roman told CBC.

Instead, CBP took Roman — who did not have any documentation with her during the jog — into custody and transferred her to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Tacoma Northwest Detention Center, where she remained for two weeks, CBC reports.

Roman was released on June 6, after her mother, Christiane Ferne, provided immigration officials with her daughter’s paperwork and authorities in both the U.S. and Canada determined that the jogger could return to Canada.

CBP did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment, but a representative told CBC that the case was handled appropriately — regardless of whether Roman knew she had crossed the border.

“It is the responsibility of an individual traveling in the vicinity of an international border to maintain awareness of their surroundings and their location at all times to ensure they do not illegally cross the border,” the representative said in a statement. “Additionally, it’s important for people traveling near the border to carry identification at all times, so that agents or officers can easily verify their identity.”


NYPD being sued for info on gun permits held by Trump, his sons:

NYPD being sued for info on gun permits held by Trump, his sons:

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is being sued for refusing to release information about handgun permits held by President Trump and his two eldest sons.

The lawsuit, first reported on Thursday by Courthouse News, was filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court by the Daily Dot, a news and opinion website that tried to obtain records about the license applications in January.

“The Daily Dot and the public have a right to access public records evidencing the Trumps’ ability and need to carry handguns in one of the strictest arms licensing states in the country,” the suit claims.

The Daily Dot tried to acquire records through a Freedom of Information Act request that, the suit alleges, was denied by NYPD officials.

Court papers allege that NYPD Lt. Richard Mantellino said the request was “an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy under the New York Public Officers law” and “would endanger the life or safety of the applicants.”

The Daily Dot alleges that the safety exemption is no longer applicable since Trump and his adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, have uninterrupted Secret Service protection.

The Hill has reached out to the White House for comment regarding the status of the president’s permits and handgun ownership.

Trump claimed in a 2012 interview that he owned a .45 caliber Heckler & Koch sidearm and a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver.

“I do carry on occasion, sometimes a lot. I like to be unpredictable,” Trump said during a GOP presidential debate in 2015.

After the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, however, Trump said he “always” carries a gun.

“I always carry a weapon on me,” Trump told a French magazine early in 2016.

“If I’d been at the Bataclan or one of those bars, I would have opened fire. Perhaps I would have died, but at least I would have taken a shot. The worst thing is the powerlessness to respond to those who want to kill you,” Trump said, referencing the attacks that left more than 100 dead.