Animals pets:

Animals pets:

Zabaikalie: manulyata-foundlings in Daurian Reserve June 3, 2008. Two domestic cats became mothers for the four kittens of Pallas’ cats. Manuli found during the old livestock farm …

tells Rajan Rygzynova – environmental education specialist reserve “Dauria”:

Wild foundling

“On Sunday, the first day of summer, in the apartment the director of the reserve” Dauria “the phone rang:” Alexander, hello, it’s because Kulusutaya. They found four kittens manul. What to do? “- With this ring kittens entered the life” office “of the reserve.
The beginning it was so near the Torey lakes, in an old abandoned livestock parked under the floor of the cat manul staged his lair, where she had her four kittens, two girls and two. boy. at that time, the old park decided to dismantle. Fearing the noise, bustle and people cat ran away, leaving even the blind cubs.
After graduating disassemble parking, kittens left in place, in the hope that the mother would come after them. Gone day. Unfortunately, the female manul did not return. The inspectors of the reserve to find “orphaned” in the same place, and took them with him. Little kittens were very hungry and shivering by feeding fresh milk, they were sent to the reserve office in the village of Lower Tsasuchei.
Small Man’ula immediately won the hearts of the whole team. Tiny still blind like striped fluffy lumps, they are snorting, hissing at strangers kittens fate decide together:. where they keep, what to feed, how to do it, and can find a domestic cat. Option: Manuli put a domestic cat liked everything, because the best milk for kittens – cat. The same is said and professionals grow Pallas’ cats in zoos.

Two mothers

Almost immediately there were good people – family Fedotov, who lived in nursing cats. Cats had two, one of which with a kitten. Both cat Manuli accepted immediately, but they felt the mother’s milk and heat calmed down and began to feed. At the moment the cat is considered small Pallas’ cats family, take care and feed them one by one. Manulyata fed, Washed feel fine. In the future, when the kittens grow up and get stronger, staff reserve “Dauria” try to return feral cats in nature. But no matter how developed, they are already saved, and this – the main thing “.

That was the beginning of the story” wild pets “A month later, at the young Pallas’ cats began to show symptoms of toxoplasmosis carriers of the disease are domestic cats, they also suffer from mild, but.. wild kittens it was a serious test Manuli immediately isolated, by that time they already own lapped milk and tasted meat to treatment started immediately Mom has become their Svetlana Balzhimaeva -…. researcher reserve Light fed, poila Pallas’ cats were treated, inspections . His “foster mom” kittens recognized from afar, but no one else familiarity is not allowed. as soon emerge a stranger, he immediately hides, warily watching eyes. Try to touch those!

Dangerous beast

it was interesting to see how growing manulyata. In the first half they changed the color of eyes . – from turquoise to a piercing golden yellow

Small predators

Like all children, they are playing every day learned a new way: hunting, tracking down the brothers and sisters fight, undertaking a brawl, in knowledge of the world around us. So quietly flew summer Man’ula become part of “the office”. But two kittens, a boy and a girl, is too weak and unable to cope with the disease. The other two, a boy – and girl Myrgen – Masha, went on the mend.

grow up

In the autumn, in late October, Man’ula already grown up, and it’s time to let them go to his home – Dauria Steppe.

With radio-collared

“Ladies first” – the first Masha fell right to try to get used to in the wild, a month later it was the turn Myrgena.

Of course, the reserve officers were not able to leave their pets without care Pallas’ cats, have radio collars decorated with wild cats.

A warm welcome

first time, Pallas’ cats were found with the help of the signal, and Svetlana Balzhimaeva together with other employees checked once a week, “pets”, fed favorite chicken. Then kittens thinner and radio collars removed easily. After some time, I found Myrgen grown at home, he could not support themselves on their own harsh winters and therefore returned to the office.

In the spring, when food has become much more of his re-released into the wild in the radio collars and then Myrgen took the collar again.


Now, at every meeting with Manuli Reserve officials are trying to find familiar features. But it is difficult to know exactly grow up “wild pets”, they are not helpless little lumps and dangerous predators steppe.

Myrgen and Masha is not suitable for people in search of food that’s right for free steppe wild cats.

Wild cat - manul


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