Other Places In New York:

Other Places In New York:

March is underway, which means signs of spring are appearing around the Northern Hemisphere. That is, unless you live in New York where it’s still very clearly winter, no matter what the calendar says. A combination of bitter cold temperatures, violent winds, and being located right on the shore of Lake Ontario turned this house into an awesome ice fortress, which was photographed by WROC anchor John Kucko.

After Kucko tweeted his photos, the images quickly went viral, which led some people to speculate the impossibly thick ice was artificial.

“Never thought all three major networks would use this “Ice House” material, let alone lead their shows with my videos. Equally amazed at how many people think I sprayed foam on the place, too funny. Our area here in WNY was pummeled by violent wind the last few days, over 160,000 lost power–some still don’t have it. Here are a few more images from my icy cold shoot from this morning. We (News 8 Rochester) were tipped off by a viewer late yesterday and I was on a mission to find the place before sunrise. Glad I did, what a day.”


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