This mysterious underground cave is said to be the site of secret rituals conducted by the medieval religious order.

It’s easy to miss if you don’t know where it is, but an innocuous-looking rabbit hole in Shifnal, Shropshire holds the the entrance to a intriguing cave, which legend has it was built and used by the Knights Templar for their secret rituals.

There is no concrete evidence to link this site with the 12th century religious military order but walking through the caves, you can see niches created for candles and symbols drawn on the walls and roofs, and deep within the cave is a font, a stone structure used to hold water for baptisms.

The caves, which appear largely untouched, are located on the grounds of Caynton Hall and contain a network of walkways and arches beautifully carved out of sandstone. Spelunkers may need to crawl through some particularly narrow chambers to fully explore the tunnel.

The order of Knights Templar was founded in the 12th century to protect pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem, during the Crusades. They became hugely influential and wealthy, and their operations remained shrouded in mystery and rumors. The manner of their disbanding is not completely known, and conspiracy theories have followed the order for centuries.

The Caynton cave site is listed as a grotto, an artificial cave, on the Historic England site, which also dates it to the late 18th or early 19th century. It was apparently sealed off in 2012 when vandals were misusing the space and using it for black magic rituals. It is now unblocked and explorers can visit to try and solve the mystery it holds.


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