How to Deal with Stress:

How to Deal with Stress:

1. Take a break from your thinking. Often we find we go around in circles, and just feel bad, when we think about our problems. Sp distract yourself for 5 minutes, or an hour, by doing something fun that changes how you feel (like listening to some music or going for a run.)

2. Try to evaluate and simplify the problem. We can blow small things out of all proportion, or we can start to feel as if everything is wrong. So, try to be rational and break the problem down – and sort out what’s an issue from peripheral stuff. Usually, doing that will help to change your perspective – so you feel less hopeless, and less overwhelmed.

3. Try and act as if you’re feeling laid back and confident. That can change the way you feel – so you feel much more relaxed, in control, and less bothered about the pressures you are facing. And when you feel more confident you’ll usually find your thinking’s clearer – and you can find solutions that will help reduce your stress.

4. Take control of situations – so you don’t feel like a victim. There’s usually something you can do to regain your sense of power. (Even if it’s really small – it will make a difference.)

5. We all have weaknesses – it simply means you’re human. So focus on your strengths as they’re a part of you as well. Don’t minimise or overlook your good points or achievements. They’ll always be with you and they’ll help you to succeed.

6. Your time is valuable so try to use it well. Don’t fritter it on worrying about the situation. Remember all the things you can be grateful for. Choose to focus on these instead of thinking about problems.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are people who are will be there, and who genuinely care. Reach out and get support. You don’t have to feel alone.


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