FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is coming to Disrupt NY:

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is coming to Disrupt NY:

The last few years have seen the FCC move to the foreground of the tech world with some far-reaching decisions that were aimed at protecting the open internet — but also made the agency some powerful enemies. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is still holding the net neutrality torch, and she’ll be joining us at Disrupt NY to talk about it.

Clyburn, originally from South Carolina, was appointed to the FCC in 2013 by President Obma. Since then she has made it her business to “put #consumersfirst,” as she often puts it. Under former Chairman Tom Wheeler’s leadership, that meant putting strong rules in place around net neutrality and privacy — rules now being openly targeted by the agency’s new leadership.

But while that has led to some conflict, Clyburn has other issues on her plate that aren’t as subject to partisan interference: overseeing new broadband deployments, promoting transparency and diverse leadership in TV stations and other organizations, and ensuring the economically disadvantaged and disabled aren’t excluded from the modern internet-based economy.

She has also led efforts for years to expose and change the trend of private prisons restricting communication and charging inmates and their families exorbitant fees for simple video or audio calls.

Commissioner Clyburn joins a list of all-star speakers at TC Disrupt NY, which goes down May 15 to May 17. You can pick up your tickets here.



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