How to Get Over Regrets:

How to Get Over Regrets:

1. You can’t change what happened as yesterday is gone – but you can make some choices so the future turns out better.

2. We all have regrets – it is part of being human. There’s no-one who is perfect, or who does things perfectly.

3. See it as a life lesson, and something you can learn from. Good can come from your regrets if you’ll let them change your ways.

4. See yourself as a new person … As a person you believe in …. As someone you are proud of, and as someone who you like.

5. Practise self-compassion and give yourself a break. You still deserve to be loved … it doesn’t matter what you’ve done.

6. That was then – and this it now …. Let it go and look ahead … For you can’t change your future if you’re always looking back.


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