Tiffany Trump pens scathing new memoir, “Deadbeat Dad”:

Tiffany Trump pens scathing new memoir, “Deadbeat Dad”:

Tiffany Trump pens scathing new memoir, "Deadbeat Dad"

MANHATTAN — Booksellers were salivating on Thursday as news broke that Tiffany Trump, daughter of failed presidential candidate Donald Trump, has written a scathing new memoir tentatively entitled, “Deadbeat Dad.”

According the publisher, Knopf, the manuscript begins with Tiffany Trump’s earliest memory: listening to her father publicly acknowledge he wished her mother, Marla Maples, had gotten an abortion during an interview with Howard Stern.

“Donald, I refuse to call him Dad, never gave a shit about me. I wasn’t Ivanka. My tits aren’t as big as hers, so he was never interested,” Tiffany writes in one chapter about the psychological pain caused by her loveless childhood.

The book is scheduled to be released in hardback in 2018.

The fourth of Trump’s five children, in Deadbeat Dad, Tiffany writes she was repeatedly pushed aside by her father and siblings. In chapter five, she recalls that at one point, her half-brother, Eric Trump, laughed that she was so ugly, “he said that if he came across me on safari in Zimbabwe, he wouldn’t even ‘bother’ to shoot me as my ‘pelt is would be worthless.'”

In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Tiffany said she hopes the book will advance her career legal career.

“I hope by distancing myself from my demagogue-wannabe father, I’ll be able to forge my own path in life,” Tiffany said. “The last name Trump isn’t exactly powerful or influential these days. I want to start fresh.”

“I want people to know my Dad was a deadbeat and a creep. There’s video of him contemplating if I will inherit my mother’s large chest. I was a baby. What kind of father says that?”




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