Trump uses evangelical Christians to distract from growing Russia scandal:

Trump uses evangelical Christians to distract from growing Russia scandal:

Donald Trump surrounded by religious right faith leaders and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Facebook/Michele Bachmann

With the probe into the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government to steal the election churning out almost daily scandalous revelations, the illegitimate president knows he needs to keep his base happy.

The thrice divorced serial philanderer and self-described “pussy grabber” made an effort to court evangelical voters during the election and, despite his decidedly un-Christian history, the sheeple flocked to his banner because their power-hungry leaders told them to do it.

With even his base starting to question his denials that his campaign worked with the Russians to undermine the integrity of our elections thanks to all the recent revelations about the multiple direct ties to the Russian government, Trump knew he had to do something quickly to distract them and make them remember just how “godly” he is (despite evidence to the contrary again).

So what’s an faux-pious president to do? He invited some of the most vociferously anti-LGBT faith leaders, holier-than-thou Vice President Mike Pence, and certified loony former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, to the Oval Office for a “laying on of hands” prayer session.

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But just in case that’s not enough Christianity for the “faithful,” Trump also taped an interview with televangelist Pat Robertson, a man who says gay sex causes natural disasters and that parents of gay children should disown them. Robertson, like Trump, has also made millions from shady deals with foreign governments. While Trump builds towers, Robertson owns a blood diamond mine.

Why would the president deign to dignify such obviously deranged opponents to equality?

81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump. 75% of them think Trump is doing a good job in office. Meanwhile, among those voters who aren’t in the thrall of their religious leaders, those numbers are reversed.

“You didn’t let me down and I will never, ever let you down, you know that,” Trump told attendees at a recent religious right conference. Now, with his presidency in shambles, he needs their support more than ever.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


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