What are the Qualities of a Great Friend?

What are the Qualities of a Great Friend?

1. They tackle problems with you. A true friend is someone who can see through your smile and can tell when you’re in pain by the look in your eyes. They totally accept you and will always be there.

2. They give, and don’t just take, from the relationship. A good relationship is a negotiated one. It’s based on give and take – and thinking of each other.

3. They make time for each other. True friends always value the time they spend together; and though their lives are busy, they make time to stay in touch.

4. They communicate well. This is at the heart of any good relationship. It means that both the people are open and real so problems don’t get buried – but are dealt with right away.

5. They accept other people unconditionally. True friends accept each other as they are – warts and all. They are free to be themselves, and are free to change and grow. They don’t control each other, or judge and criticise.

6. They believe in each other. A true friend feels your passion and can visualise your dream. They believe that you can do it, and will cheer you the whole way.

7. They listen carefully, and aren’t quick to give advice. We don’t need advice; we simply want a listening ear. That is, someone we can vent to, and then move on with life.

8. They are loyal and dependable. Your word is your bond when you’re a trusted, faithful friend. You never share a secret or breach that sense of trust.


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