Child Protective Services confirms it’s investigating Barron Trump:

Child Protective Services confirms it’s investigating Barron Trump:

Child Protective Services confirms it's investigating Barron Trump

MANHATTAN — On Tuesday, Child Protective Services confirmed that the agency is investigating Barron Trump’s welfare after evidence emerged that his father, failed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, may have returned to America.

A new video released Tuesday shows Trump, apparently returned from Russia, terrorizing the Boy Scouts of America in West Virginia. “This is the kind of thing that sets off alarm bells at CPS. If Trump’s indeed back in the United States, parents all across the country need to be on high alert,” said CPS director Margaret Harman said.

Trump’s youngest child is in acute peril.

“Donald Trump is obviously a danger to all children, including Barron,” Harman said. “As a known sexual predator, It would be totally inappropriate for Trump to have contact with a boy of Barron’s age. At this very moment, investigators are working hard to ensure Barron’s safety,” she said.

For years, Melania Trump attempted to hide Barron Trump, 11, away from his father, preferring to raise him in a 10,000 sq. foot closet in the penthouse of Trump Tower rather than expose her son to Trump’s history of mental illness, bullying, drug abuse, rape and treason.

Trump, who has attempted to date his oldest daughter, Ivanka, is “a terrible role model who has no boundaries with his own children. There’s a reason that the courts awarded Melania sole custody of Barron in the divorce,” said former family friend Conrad Hilton.

People close to the Trump family say that much like his half-sister, Tiffany Trump, Barron’s benefited from being kept as far away from his father as possible.

“Trump’s totally unfit as a parent. Barron hasn’t been influenced by Donald the way his older brothers have. With genes like that, you have to wonder whether prison is heredity. But there’s still hope for Barron. If CPS can just prevent Barron from ever meeting, talking to or hearing his father, he might just  have a chance,” said Hilton.




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