Humbling Ourselves like a Child:

Humbling Ourselves like a Child:

Place your mind before the mirror of eternity!
Place your soul in the brilliance of glory!
Place your heart in the figure of the divine substance!
And transform your entire being into the image
of the Godhead Itself through contemplation.
So that you may too may feel what his friends feel
as they taste the hidden sweetness
that God Himself has reserved from the beginning
for those who love him.

And, after all who ensnare their blind lovers
in a deceitful and turbulent world
have been completely sent away,
you may totally love him
Who gave himself totally for your love,
Whose beauty the sun and the moon admire,
Whose rewards and their preciousness and greatness
are without end;
I am speaking of him
Who is the Son of the Most High,
Whom the Virgin brought to birth
and remained a Virgin after his birth.

May you cling to his most sweet Mother who gave birth to a Son whom the heavens could not contain, and yet she carried him in the little enclosure of her holy womb and held him on her Virginal lap.

Who would not dread the treacheries of the enemy of humanity who, though the arrogance of momentary and deceptive glories, attempts to reduce to nothing that which is greater than heaven itself? Indeed, it is now clear that the soul of a faithful person, the most worthy of all creatures because of the grace of God, is greater than heaven itself, since the heavens and the rest of creation cannot contain their Creator and only the faithful soul is his dwelling place and throne, and this only through the charity that the wicked lack.

—St. Clare of Assisi


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