8 Time Management Tips:

8 Time Management Tips:

1. Recognize that multitasking makes you less effective – and don’t do it if the work is important.

2. Know when you work best – and schedule studying, assignments and projects for that part of the day.

3. Do the most important tasks first. For example, if a project is worth a large proportion of your grade, then make sure you spend lots of time on that (whether you like the subject or not.)

4. Check email, facebook, messages, texts etc at set times – such as on the hour. Don’t look at them at other times.

5. Know what works as a reward for you, and reward yourself when you complete a task. But don’t reward yourself until the task is done!

6. Have an organised to-do list, and work through it methodically.

7. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by friends, or unexpected opportunities.

8. Schedule in some leisure as you can’t work all the time.


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