Do you Suffer from Low Self-Esteem?

Do you Suffer from Low Self-Esteem?

Traits include:

1. A lack of self love. Believing that, deep down inside, you are inadequate and inferior.

2. Feeling guilty all the time. Torturing yourself about everything you said or did – even although it is relatively small or insignificant.

3. Lacking a sense of belief in yourself. Always thinking you are going to fail, or “get it wrong”.

4. Living with a constant feeling of self-rejection and self-loathing. Sometimes this is related to secrets you are burying about yourself. But, more commonly, it is because the person is trying to ‘be perfect’ so that others will like and accept them.

5. Having unrealistic expectation of others – then being angry and disappointed when they fail to live up to those standards.

6. Not trusting others to be there for you, to keep on liking you and being your friend, or to be faithful, loyal and reliable.

7. Being focused on your limitations and inadequacies instead of your areas of growth and development. Feeling you will never change, be happy, or make any progress in life.


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