Senators to be briefed on Niger attack:

Senators to be briefed on Niger attack:

Washington (CNN)Senators on the armed services committee are expected to receive a briefing from Pentagon officials Thursday on the Niger incident, according to two Senate sources.

Both the House and Senate armed services committees have received staff-level briefings since the October 4 ambush that killed four US servicemen.
The House committee has been briefed six times, including notification on the day of the incident, according to one committee source. It’s not known how many briefings the Senate committee has received, though Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain has complained that the Pentagon is not being forthcoming on the incident.
While some lawmakers said over the weekend they did not know the US had hundreds of troops in Niger, the Pentagon and White House have previously notified Congress about the US mission in Niger.
The White House sent a letter to Congress in June stating there were 645 US military personnel in Niger and 300 in Cameroon. And the head of Africa Command, Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee in March there were “approximately 1,000 personnel conducting 12 named operations across a nine-nation region.”

Updated 1:36 PM ET, Mon October 23, 2017


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