Prayer for those facing the temptation of suicide:

Prayer for those facing the temptation of suicide:

“Oh Lord, tonight people will stay awake in the cold hands of despair. Tonight many profligate souls, victims of desperation will mourn, will cry loudly, or alas! they will curse their lives…

My sweet Jesus, I shiver, when I think that tonight, maybe this moment, despair will bring people close to death. The thought of suicide will besiege many creatures of Υours around the world.

Oh, Giver of Life, don’t let it happen! You came in our world to give in our lives the dimension of eternity.

How will Your heart stand the pain to see them suicide, to take away their lives in a violent way?

Cancel, oh Lord, the plans of the emperror of the darkness and the death. Set people free from the temptation of suicide. Dissolve the mist of despair.

Jesus, if you want, you can overflow the exhausted souls with the song of life, by covering the lament of death. May the song of the nightingale resounds where the singing of the barn owl exists.

Oh Lord, fill their chests with the desire of life, with strength and the decision to live, such a decision that will beat the desire of death. Show to my brothers that suicide is an enormous, irreparable mistake

Whisper to their hearts that never, for nothing is late. That no pain is bigger than our strength. That there is no wound that can’t be healed by Your merciful hand.

My God, sow hope and faith to You. Open the roads of life and close the paths of death forever….



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