Researchers reveal something weird about Trump web domains:

Researchers reveal something weird about Trump web domains:

  • Researchers claimed over 250 of Trump’s web domains are sharing weird files with Russian servers
  • Report by researchers at Unhack The Vote alleged that Trump’s web properties might have hidden clues
  • They said the evidence they found is quite substantial

WASHINGTON, U.S. – With several different investigations already examining whether there is any truth in the allegations of collusion between U.S. President Donald Trump’s election campaign and Russia – many private groups are carrying out their own investigations too.

Now, a report filed by researchers from Unhack The Vote has alleged that over 250 of Trump’s web domains are communicating with Russian servers and sharing weird files.

Researchers from the group have alleged that Trump’s various web properties could hold a clue as to the President’s communication ties with Russia, and the evidence, they claim, is quite substantial.

In their report, they cite over 250 different subdomains belonging to the Trump organization and claim that the web properties have hidden connections to servers that route through Russia and more specifically, through St. Petersburg.

They claim that these subdomains are named and catalogued in such a way as to avoid the chances that any random web user might accidentally stumble upon them.

The report provides a full list of the web addresses, claiming that they include obscure subdomain identifiers that have seemingly no meaning or purpose besides serving to mask their existence.

Researchers have said that parts of the text, typically either four or five letters in length, preface the primary web domains, such as “byfxf.donaldtrumpfurniture” or “nbxft.donaldtrumppillows,” making them hard to find.

However, they pointed out that that’s hardly the most damning thing about them.

The report claims that traffic traces on the domains reveal that they are actually bouncing traffic around from a number of different servers, including some which belong to the same hosting services used by Wikileaks. Wikileaks released a treasure trove of hacked information from the Democratic National Committee, and reports have pointed out since then that the information released seemed to include only that which was as damaging as possible to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Researchers from the group have said that on top of the strange communication with Russian servers, they also discovered what appears to be records of some extremely shady files.

These they said includes filenames like “” — which, in 1999 internet neckbeard leetspeak, means “lovely girls only 4 you” — or “” (Great p***y for T this weekend), and added that these appear multiple times in the servers’ records.

Sheetal Sukhija – Thursday 2nd November, 2017


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