Married 30 Years And Counting:

Married 30 Years And Counting:

Raise A Glass

And here’s to survival,
that broken hearted victory
that comes with all the mess
and wounds and scars,
the bruises, the beatings,
the rising, the striving,

persisting, existing
in spite of it all.

Here’s to us,
here’s to holding on,
here’s to remaining
when all else is gone.

There is a wreckage behind us,
a story bleeds beneath our heels,
and the future is naught
but riddled with sunlight.

Walk away from the warzone,
you can find peace in the rising sun,
there is serenity in the grass
that grows beneath our feet.

Open your palms,
be warm, be warm,
lay down your swords
and your shields,

let the world wrap itself around you
and welcome you home.

Be filled with its brilliance,
let yourself heal, renew,
let yourself be born again.

You’ve done it,
we’ve done it,

we’ve made it this far.

Let’s keep going.


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