John Kelly reportedly tried to pressure official to expel Honduran immigrants:

John Kelly reportedly tried to pressure official to expel Honduran immigrants:

The White House chief of staff called the Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Elaine Duke and tried to talk her out of extending the residency permits for thousands of Hondurans, The Washington Post reported.

Exclusive: White House chief of staff Kelly tried to pressure acting DHS secretary to expel thousands of Hondurans

Replying to 

Duke has informed Kelly that she plans to resign once Trump’s nominee for DHS Secretary, Kristjen Nielsen, takes over

John Kelly tried to personally pressure the acting DHS secretary to end TPS for Hondurans, officials told WaPo

Duke refused to reverse her decision & was angered by what she felt was a politically driven intrusion by John Kelly

“White House officials said Kelly acknowledged during the call that the decision was Duke’s to make. But she felt the pressure amounted to a direct intervention in the process.”

Here’s who Trump’s Chief of Staff tried getting expelled from the country. 53,500 U.S.-born children would be losing their parents if John Kelly gets his way. Don’t care about that? What about the $31.3 BILLION in U.S. GDP that’d be lost over 10 years?


This is only for TPS holders from Honduras. Will John Kelly try pressuring Elaine Duke to give the boot to Haitians when theirs expires Nov. 23? That’d be 50,000 mothers & fathers of 27,000 U.S.-born children — & $23.2 billion lost in US GDP over 10 years.

UNITE HERE #SaveTPS added,

Jorge Guajardo Retweeted Mark Berman

For what it’s worth, Hispanics have figured out what John Kelly stands for before he got to the WH. We’ve always seen him as unfriendly.

Jorge Guajardo added,

At 1st I thought Kelly’s racism and xenophobia were just to shield Trump. Increasingly having 2nd thoughts on that.

He is not the adult in the room. He is the enabler.

From:   US news  11/9/2017

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