If you are Depressed …:

If you are Depressed …:

1. Hold onto the hope that you can be free of depression. Recovery is possible – and things can change for you.

2. Get help from a counsellor, a therapist or doctor. Seek help RIGHT NOW if you’re feeling suicidal.

3. Go outside and get some fresh air; look around and soak in nature. Let it calm and soothe your mind, and bring a new, different perspective.

4. Make sure you have some free time to recharge your batteries. Do some things you find relaxing – something special, just for you.

5. Although it’s good to be with people you’ll also find you need some space. You need to have some time apart when there’s no pressure to perform.

6. Know that you’re worthwhile and valuable – and your life really counts. You are someone who has talents and can give, and love, and care.

7. Remember, feelings change eventually and this tough time will not last. Just keeping going a bit longer. You can do it. This will pass.


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