Ah, To Sleep…Perchance To Dream:

Ah, To Sleep…Perchance To Dream:

In another life
I fix the wreckage of my heart
and turn the rubble into a home,

a place where the only entity
to haunt the halls
is the last echo of laughter,
the sweetest note
that I have ever heard.

There I am happy,
where the fireplace is alight
and the rooms are doused in gold,
where even the shadows
are gentle in their corners.

There is no vodka in the freezer
and no blades that have learned
what it means to bite into skin,
there are no scars and no ruin,
there is no mess to clean up.

The doors are always unlocked,
the windows are always open
and Spring seeps sweetly across the floors.
The willows do not weep
and the walls have never heard the word “goodbye”.

There is where I belong,
in the peace of serenity,
in the safety of hope,

where I am less bones and body
and more a heartbeat

that does not break with every breath
but strengthens with every stroke
as if the very act of life
was inherent to me

and not the war
I have waged
and over



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