Some Tips for Coping with Anxiety:

Some Tips for Coping with Anxiety:

1. Check your nutrition. Sometimes high levels of anxiety are caused by a magnesium or potassium deficiency.

2. Pay attention to your caffeine levels. Coffee, tea and chocolate all contain reasonable levels of caffeine. This can make you jittery, or increase your feelings of anxiety.

3. Try meditation and mindfulness. These help to keep you focused on the here and now, to slow your heartbeat and breathing down, as well as helping to relax your mind.

4. Work on maintain a healthy self-esteem. Many people who feel anxious, stressed or depressed are actually suffering from low self-esteem.

5. Find a trusted sounding board, and vent your feelings to them – but make sure it’s someone who understands and cares.

6. Exercise – This releases endorphins, those feel-good hormones, which help reduce our feelings of anxiety.

7. Distract yourself. Take your mind off your worries by doing other things that require concentration, and a focused state of mind.

8. Treat yourself. Give yourself a mood lifter by hanging out with friends, buying something that you love, or doing something that is fun.


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