Viktor Schauberger – Living Water, 1982:

Viktor Schauberger – Living Water, 1982:

Our Earth is the planet of water. Seventy percent of the world’s surface is covered by water. Our bodies are about two-thirds water. It is essential to all life. Yet, our present science understands little of its real nature.

The naturalist Viktor Schauberger called it a living organism, insisting that in its various forms, as blood, sap or biological water, it is the basis of all life. As a young man, Schauberger had a remarkable experience while sitting by a rushing stream in his pristine Alpine refuge. Listening to its vivacious music, he intuited how water needs to move and behave in order to stay healthy. Still water is passive; it is amorphous and apparently lifeless. As soon as it begins to move, it is filled with surfaces that define little structures, convoluted in form, and with dancing vortical shapes. The nature of water is to move. When it is active it comes alive; in movement it fulfills its potential, which is to bring life.

In classical times water was stored in egg-shaped amphorae, because the egg shape stimulates fluids to move and circulate, which is why Nature uses it in emerging life forms. A number of researchers claim that water has a memory; when we think we have ‘purified’ water of the chemicals and hormones we have mindlessly thrown in, in order to make it ‘safe’ to drink, the energy of these contaminants remain, polluting our energy bodies in the same way that chemicals affect our physical bodies. Because of its nature, water sacrifices itself entirely to the environment, for good or for ill.

In order to maintain its quality, water needs to behave like it does in a natural stream, dancing and cavorting in spirals and vortices, constantly moving sinuously in capillaries or circulating within its storage chambers. The vortex introduces more complex molecular structures that can carry higher etheric energy which will drive the pathogenic or harmful organisms to the water’s edge where they are immobilised by the aggressive oxygen to be recycled later.

People mocked Viktor when he insisted that water behaves like a living organism. When it has reached maturity water displays amazing properties. He showed how, when it is vibrant and healthy, it pulsates, twists and spirals in a very specific way that maintains its vitality and purity, enabling it to fulfill its function as an energy channel and a conveyor of nutrients and waste for all organisms. If you watch water streaming down an inclined road after a shower of rain, or a rivulet on the sloping beach running into the sea, we will notice how it pushes down in a jerky rhythm, as pulsations. That is because water is alive – it actually does pulsate, just as blood pulsates through the veins and arteries of the body.


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