Who Were You?

Who Were You?

Who were you
before they came with torches
and pitch forks and plows?

Who were you
before they tore you down
until you were naught but roots
in the palm of an unforgiving world?

Who were you
before the rain ceased falling
and the sun set from your skies,

who were you before
this life turned its back on you
and left you in the hollow of an ending.

I know you are weary, my darling,
I can feel the exhaustion
that sighs in your veins,
that heavy kind of pain
is your undoing.

I will lift the sun from its resting place,
I will reap the water from the skies
and return them both to your hands,

rest, my sweetling, rest,

sleep beneath the shelter
of a new beginning.

When you are ready,

Bloom beneath the kindness
of a single, caring heart.

You are strong, you are strong,
you can renew.

I believe in you,
my wildling,

so bloom.



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