White Helmets Caught On Video Celebrating Massacre of Syrian Civilians Alongside Al-Qaeda:

White Helmets Caught On Video Celebrating Massacre of Syrian Civilians Alongside Al-Qaeda:

white helmets

The White Helmets is an interesting organisation. If you listen to the mainstream media, its actions may be interpreted as being that of a completely apolitical, neutral humanitarian organisation with daring volunteers who operate in a battlefield too harsh for the likes of better-known NGOs. A selfless group of good Samaritans. Whether this is actually the case is debatable.

The White Helmets have their own website, were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, received a prize from the “Right Livelihood Award Foundation”, have an Oscar-winning Netflix documentary and unlimited positive media coverage. Snopes gives it two thumbs up, so you know they’re legit (though it does little more than a cursory examination of a single article).

Not bad for a Syrian grassroots movement… but there’s a minor caveat, at least according to Mayday Rescue, an organisation that seems dedicated to funneling money to the White Helmets. Funding for the White Helmets largely comes from foreign sources, including the governments of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands and Germany. Money and support also flows in from the United States Government.

Another foreign government link comes from a surprising source: the distinctly non-Syrian founder of the White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, was a former British Military Intelligence Officer and “private security specialist” (mercenary).  It should be noted that it is hard for an organisation to remain impartial when its funding and its founder come directly from the governments of specific Western nations.

Regardless of what I have to say, perhaps an actual video of the White Helmets at work would demonstrate the extent of their impartiality in the conflict (Warning, NSFW, includes footage of an actual execution):

It’s a disturbing extremist execution video, but towards the end, several men wearing the iconic White Helmets uniform enter the scene cheering  they carry a stretcher for the murdered victim whose corpse is unceremoniously covered with a large blanket.

This is a government-funded non-governmental organisation like no other; impartial in their service to extremists everywhere. Perhaps, though, they are concerned about the unsanitary nature of leaving a corpse out to rot, and patiently watch the execution of infidels so that the corpse can be removed post-haste.

Snopes might not view a single recording as “evidence” of assisting terrorists, but other videos that seem to depict White Helmets rescue workers behaving dubiously do exist (such as White Helmets waiting to clean up after an Al Nusra execution as seen in the image above). These videos are not as well-scripted as the ones produced by the White Helmets themselves, but they should suffice.


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