William James Butler; 1904-1973, Gone But Not Forgotten:

William James Butler; 1904-1973, Gone But Not Forgotten:

My Father; William James Butler Was Born On January 6th 1904.

He Grew Up On A Farm Near The Great Swamp In New Jersey.

He Tried To Save His Money To Enter Seminary College And Become A Priest.

His Father Stole His Money And Drank It Up.

He Wound Up Driving Coal Trucks From Pennsylvania To Morristown N.J.

He Married Isabel Pierce From A Well To Do Family And Had A Son.

He Would Not Change His Rough And Rowdy Ways And Isabel Began Cheating On Him With His Boss.

He Walked In On Them, Got His Shotgun From His Truck, He Shot At His Boss And His Wife Stabbed Him Through The Neck With A “Pig Sticker”.

Everybody Lived But He Went To Jail And Served Time For A Crime Of Passion.

He Got Out And Started Delivering Construction Equipment And Learned How To Operate Them.

He Joined The International Brotherhood of Operating Engineers And Ran All Kinds Of Construction Equipment Like Graders, Bulldozers, Excavators, Etc.

He Became Known To Be Able To Cut A Grade By Eye, And Was Asked For On Big Jobs.

He Helped Clear The Hercules Site After The Big Explosion.

He Met And Married My Mother, Helen Augusta Warweg, And Had My Brother James, Then Myself A year Apart.

He Became Ill , And Passed Away In 1973 With A Shit Eating Grin On His Face; So I Know He’s In A Better Place.

I Miss Him Like Everyone Misses Their Fathers.


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