Jesus Christ Satisfies:

Jesus Christ Satisfies:

There’s not a craving of the mind
Which Jesus cannot fill;
There’s not a pleasure I would seek
Aside from His dear will.
From hour to hour He fills my soul
With peace and perfect love;
While rich supplies for every need
He sendeth from above.

The joys which this vain world bestows,
Have lost their charms for me;
Once I enjoyed its trifles too,
But Jesus set me free.
Its joys will perish in a day,
Its pleasures quickly fly
Its mirth like mists will pass away,
And all its honors die.

He stilled the angry tempest’s power,
Which raged within my heart;
And bade each sinful passion there,
To speedily depart.
Yes, Jesus is my all in all,
He satisfies my soul,
For me he died on Calvary,
And now he makes me whole.
Yes, Jesus is my Saviour dear,
My Rock, my Strength, my Song;
My Wisdom, and my Refuge safe,
To Jesus I belong.
He is my Advocate with God;
My Way, my Life, my Light,
My Great Physician and my Friend,
My Guide by day and night.


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