🌿herbal witch garden:

🌿herbal witch garden:

🌱basil (st. joseph’s wort)
+ purification, wealth, good fortune, love
+ soothes anger and aids in reconciliation
+ used in love divination by burning on coals

🌱catnip (cat’s wort)
+ love, beauty, happiness, sleep
+ develops psychic and emotional bond with felines
+ leaves are often used as magical bookmarks

🌱laurel (bayleaf)
+ psychic development, protection, healing, strength, wishes
+ carry to ward off negativity and evil
+ manifest desires by writing them upon a leaf then burning it

🌱mugwort (sailor’s tobacco)
+ divination, astral projection, psychic abilities
+ carry in a shoe for endurance during long journeys
+ often blended into teas or smoked for psychic effects

🌱patchouli (pucha-pot)
+ wealth, fertility, lust, protection
+ suitable substitute for cemetery dirt if needed
+ earthy musk makes for pleasant incense/oils/perfumes

🌱peppermint (brandy mint)
+ sleep, healing, love, psychic powers
+ used to heal headaches, stomach pain, mild illness
+ blends well into most teas and aids digestion

🌱rosemary (dew of the sea)
+ mental powers, purification, healing, sleep, love
+ memory enhancing abilities useful for education
+ powerful healing and purification incense

🌱rue (queen of herbs)
+ healing, protection, mental powers, exorcism
+ fresh scent clears mind of heartbreak, envy, egoism
+ added to ritual baths to dispel curses and negativity

🌱sage (garden sage)
+ wisdom, longevity, protection, wishes
+ often burned for protection, banishing evil, consecration
+ aids in overcoming sorrow; burned at funerals to relieve grief

🌱thyme (mother of thyme)
+ courage, purification, healing, sleep, faerie magic
+ grown in gardens to attract and commune with fae
+ burned to refresh energy and dispel melancholy


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