Just A Shame:

Just A Shame:

It’s A Real Shame When People Won’t Accept That You Are Disabled And Cannot Work Or Hold Down A Job.

I’ve Had To Ask For Money Thru “Go Fund Me” For A Vehicle To Drive Myself To Chemotherapy And Doctor Appointments.

I Have Stage IV Stomach/Esophageal Cancer And COPD And Am On Oxygen Sometimes 24/7.

I Get Social Security Disability Which Is Just Enough To Pay My Rent With A Little Left Over Which Goes To Co-Pays And Such.

My Wife Works To Buy The Food And Take Care Of Me And Our Daughter Who Is Special Needs.

She Is Stretched Thin And Has Fibromyalgia To Deal With; It Would Be Nice To Give Her A Break.

The Hater In-Laws Made Their Opinion Known: ” I wish there was a page where I could ask for a job.”

In Other Words If You Need Money Just Get A Job You Lazy Bum.

I Expect No Help From Them In Any Way Because They Are Douchebags One And All.

But They Could Help My Family Which They Claim To Love.

Just Venting


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