The Results Of The In-laws “Go Fund Me” Campaign:

The Results Of The In-laws “Go Fund Me” Campaign:



” How would you like to see this smiling face everyday?  You can if you hire me for a teaching job.  Back in 2010 my husband passed away unexpectedly.  Since that time I have raised our twins on my own.  During that time I went back to school to earn my Special Education Certification to go along with my Elementary Education Certification.  That took me over two and a half years but I did it.  I would work during the day, care for my children, and take classes.  Many times you would see me at soccer games with my text books.  Now my kids are graduating high school.  If you know anything about social security you know that once you child graduates high school they are no longer eligible to receive any more social security.  Just when you need it most for college the money stops coming.  My plan was to graduate with my Special Education Certification and find a job.  We wanted our children to go to college  and I plan on keeping that promise.  So in the words of ABBA take a chance on me!  After all when my kids come home from college I would like them to be able to come home not to visit me in a cardboard box on the side of the road.”



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