If you suffer from depression …:

If you suffer from depression …:

1. Instead of attacking yourself for how you feel, and demanding that you change, and “improve” who you are, be compassionate and caring and kind towards yourself.

2. Remind yourself this struggle is NOT something you chose. It’s something that’s unwanted, and is hard to fight against.

3. Don’t look to other people to help, and bolster, you. They also have their struggles, so their help is limited.

4. Our feelings are affected by a lot of different things – and that affects our thinking – so our thinking’s often wrong!

5. Feelings often hit us for no apparent reason – so if we’ll just be patient, we may find they’ll change again.

6. Remember you are loveable and truly valuable. Don’t listen to your feelings, and the lies you hear them speak.

7. Do something that distracts you – like some work or exercise – but don’t add too much pressure while you’re feeling low and weak.


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