“OH WOE IS ME!”… The Worst Part Of Dying:

“OH WOE IS ME!”… The Worst Part Of Dying:

van goh

I Have Stage IV Cancer Of The Stomach/Esophagus With Liver Involvement And Not Such A Good Prognosis.

My Regret Is That I Don’t Have A Vehicle To Take Myself To Chemotherapy, The Doctors, ETC.

And Also Being Able To Go Places And Do Things Before My Time Is Done.

Persons Unknown Disabled The Cars I Had So They Would Never Run Again As Well As Piercing The Metal Brake Lines On At Least Three Cars I’ve Had.

These Modern Day Cars Have Reserve Fluid In The Front Brakes To Slow And Stop A Car.

The Purpose Of Piercing The Metal Line Is To Spray The Fluid On The Catalytic Converter And Start A Fire.

I Wanted To Start A Go Fund Me, But My Passive Aggressive Wife Said She Would NOT Donate To It Which Means She Would Tell Her Friends Not To Also.

The In-Laws Reaction Was “If You Need Money…GET A JOB!” So I Said “Why Bother” Somebody Would Probably Make It Not Run Anyway.

Losing My Independence Is The Worst Part.

Having To Depend On My Wife While She Tries To Work And Deal With Everything Going On And Her Own Problems With Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid Arthritis.



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