The Wife Said I’ve Burned All My Bridges With Her Family:

The Wife Said I’ve Burned All My Bridges With Her Family:


The Fact Is There Never Were Any Bridges To Begin With; They Have NEVER Accepted Me Into Their Family.

I’ve Been Married For 30 Years And Never Been Allowed To Be Apart Of Or Contribute To Any Of Their Family Celebrations.

They’ve Warned Their Children Against Me And Never Had A Conversation With My Nieces Or Nephew.

They Won’t Come Near.

They Told Stories About Me And Got Me Fired And While I Was Out Of Work My House Was Foreclosed On, And They Called The Authorities And Tried To Have My Child Taken From Me.

They Wrecked The Possibility Of A Bankruptcy And Saving My Home By Having My Wife Sign Over Some Property They Put In Her Name To Hide From The Authorities The Day After We Declared Not Having Any Property To The Bankruptcy Court.

That Would Have Constituted Perjury To A Federal Court, So We Could Not Continue.

They Called The Police On Me Every Chance They Got, But The Police Couldn’t Be Bothered.

They Pass Around Rumors To This Day; But My Record Is Clean And I Was A Well Decorated Soldier In The National Guard.

I Reached The Rank Of  Staff Sergeant E-6 And Section Chief Of Fire Direction Control.

I Had A Real “Atomic” Security Clearance.

People Seem To Believe Bad Things About People Right Away Without Checking Them Out, And Act Accordingly Because They just Can’t Wait To Have An Excuse To Hurt Somebody.

My Wife Has Never Stood Up for Me, And Always Puts Herself First In Any Situation And Disregards My Feelings Or Wellbeing.



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