Trump’s and Kushner’s companies are doing business together:

Trump’s and Kushner’s companies are doing business together:

Their enterprises are creating new avenues for corruption at the White House.

The Trump Organization and Jared Kushner’s family company are quietly doing business together — and government ethics experts are alarmed that it’s adding yet another dimension to the Trump administration’s conflict of interest problems.

The New York Times reports that the two companies have signed a letter of intent to have the Trump Organization manage at least one of the hotels in the Kushner Companies’ new oceanfront development in Long Branch, New Jersey. That development is poised to potentially benefit from tens of millions of dollars in local and federal government investment. The Trump Organization has also apparently been managing a Kushner Companies-owned hotel in Livingston, New Jersey, since last year.

Trump hasn’t divested from the Trump Organization — he has only handed over the responsibility of running it to his family. Kushner has divested himself from some of his Kushner Companies assets, but he still holds a majority of his stake and has an ownership interest in the Long Branch development. (He has, however, divested from the Livingston property.)

And analysts say the private collaboration between the two companies raises a whole host of ethical red flags.

Trump has financial incentives to keep Kushner in government

There were already concerns that Kushner’s role as a senior adviser in the White House, despite having no relevant policy experience, was the product of nepotism — that he received favorable treatment because he’s the son-in-law of the president.

Now it seems that Trump also has a financial incentive to keep Kushner in the White House. Kushner is in charge of several major policy initiatives, including Middle East policy, US-Chinese relations, and bringing tech solutions to public policy. If Kushner does a terrible job, firing him or taking some of those projects away from him might be the smarter move in terms of running the country effectively.


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