Georgian Princesses – John Van der Kiste:

Georgian Princesses – John Van der Kiste:


In December Queen Louisa of Denmark, the youngest and prettiest of the King’s daughters, who had inherited much of her mother’s charm and strength of personality, suddenly passed away. Married in 1743 to Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, who ascended the throne as King Frederick V three years later, she had stoically endured an unhappy marriage while too proud to admit it. At the time of her marriage she had declared that, if she should become unhappy, her family would never know. In eight years of marriage she gave birth to two sons and three daughters. Since the seventh month of her first pregnancy she had suffered from a strangulated hernia, the agony which her mother had concealed for so many years, and her first son died in infancy. The second son, born in 1749 and named Christian (like the elder brother who died before his birth), was an imbecile who nevertheless succeeded to the throne in due course and went on to contract what would prove to be a disastrous marriage with one of his English cousins. Like his sisters, Prince Christian was deprived of his mother at an early age. She was carrying a sixth child when complications ensued, the result of the trouble which she had bravely neglected in spite of her mother’s death-bed warning, and died aged twenty-seven.


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