Prostitute involved in NYPD corruption scandal expected to testify that de Blasio donor ‘directed’ her:

Prostitute involved in NYPD corruption scandal expected to testify that de Blasio donor ‘directed’ her:

A one-time high-end hooker at the center of an NYPD corruption scandal is expected to testify that a major de Blasio donor “watched and directed” her alleged sexcapades with cops, new court documents reveal.

Gabi Grecko traveled to Las Vegas in early 2013 with Jeremy Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz, who were both major contributors to de Blasio’s mayoral campaign, prosecutors have claimed.

During the private flight to Sin City, Grecko also performed “services” for the duo’s guests — which included retired NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office has charged.

Reichberg stands accused of heaping gifts on Grant in exchange for perks. The Manhattan Federal Court bribery trial against Reichberg and Grant is expected to start April 30.

Grecko — referred to as “Prostitute-1” in court papers — is expected to take the stand during their trial and discuss the alleged mile-high hookups, prosecutors have said.

Reichberg’s lawyers have pushed to block prosecutors from bringing up “any evidence” Grecko and Reichberg had a sordid tryst mid-air — claiming that would have “the potential for unfair prejudice.”

The lawyers previously claimed “we do not believe that there is evidence that Reichberg had any sexual contact with the prostitute” during this trip.

The feds are fighting to keep Grecko’s alleged romp with Reichberg admissible in court — claiming it’s “necessary to complete the witnesses’ story.”

“While aboard a private plane paid for by Rechnitz, Prostitute-1 engaged in sexual activity with multiple men, including making sexual contact with Reichberg and NYPD officers,” prosecutors’ court filings say.

“For example, if Prostitute-1 is asked about Reichberg’s role in these events, the Government expects Prostitute-1 to testify that she engaged in sexual activity with Reichberg on one occasion during the trip, and that he also watched and directed others’ sexual interactions with her,” the filing says.

“Requiring Prostitute-1 to omit these truthful details from her account of the trip may be confusing to the witness and to the jury,” their papers stated.

Prosecutors insisted that this testimony would “be brief and not more sensational or inflammatory than the evidence of the charged crimes, which includes sexual activity between law enforcement officers and prostitutes.”

Asked for comment, Grant’s lawyer, John Meringolo, said “The real story will come out at trial.”

Reichberg’s lawyers declined to comment on the papers.

Grecko’s lawyer, Robert Baum, said “There will be no comments about Ms. Grecko’s testimony in advance of her actual testimony at trial.”


Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 1:30 PM

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