Compatibility of the Elements:

Compatibility of the Elements:

Fire & Fire

Fire symbolizes energy. When two fire signs are in a relationship, it is often mutually understood that actions speak louder than words. Both prefer to be shown that they’re loved, rather than being told that they’re loved. If they both aim in the same direction, then together they can accomplish anything – and fast. In love, they often strive to further their relationship, and get deeper, faster. They often dive head-first into love, and feel equally desired by their partner. There are often power struggles, as both want to take the lead of the adventure they’re on. If they can learn to explore together as a team, rather than one leading the other, this can be a powerful union.

Fire & Earth

Fire Signs easily interact with the world around them. Earth Signs find more comfort in the internal world, than the external one. Fire Signs are impulsive, Earth Signs plan ahead. These two together may seem a little mismatched, but have a lot to learn from one another. The Earth Sign teaches the Fire Sign to plan ahead for the future, rather than acting to satisfy their current whims. The Fire Sign teaches the Earth Sign how to come out of their shells, and bond with the world. Earth Signs live in the material world, whereas the Fire Signs live in the active world. Trouble often arises when the Earth Sign asks for proof of commitment, and the Fire Sign believes they’ve already proven as much. This can be solved if they learn to understand as well as speak each other’s’ love language.

Fire & Air

Fire Signs act based on what they feel, Air Signs act based on what is most logically sound. Fire Signs are very involved in the world around them, Air Signs prefer to observe. When together, the Air Sign challenges the Fire Sign to stop and think about why they do what they do; something that isn’t often a concern for the Fire Signs. On the other hand, the Fire Sign challenges the Air Sign actually do something rather than just sit around and discuss what should be done. While these challenges may seem like friction to outsiders, it often provides the stimulation both Signs require in a relationship. They help each other progress towards healthier expressions of their thoughts and desires.

Fire & Water

Fire Signs rather do things, whereas Water Signs rather think about things. Fire Signs get angry when Water Signs get sad. Fire Signs’ emotions end as quickly as they start, Water Signs’ emotions linger. When these two are together, the differences will be apparent immediately. However, it often balances out. Water teaches Fire to think before they act, and Fire teaches Water to stand up for themselves. Water’s affectionate nature often fulfills the Fire Signs’ need for attention. Similarly, the passionate nature of Fire Signs make the Water Signs feel desired; something that is often very reassuring to them. Sensitive Water Signs are easily wounded by the Fire Signs’ angry outbursts. This can lead to, what may appear to be sulking, which can wound the Fire Sign’s pride. So long as the Fire Sign can work on expressing their temper in less destructive ways, and the Water Sign can learn to truly forgive their partner for saying things out of anger, this can be a very rewarding match.

Earth & Earth

Earth symbolizes materialism. When two earth signs are in a relationship, they realize quite quickly how useful their partner is, as well as how useful they are to their partner. They have a solid grasp on the reality of most situations, and misunderstandings will be more communication based rather than perception based. Communication may be difficult for these two, because while they may be aware of what’s going on, talking about it is something completely different. Earth signs are very sensual, but struggle discussing what it is they are sensing. If they can work on opening up communication lines will deepen their bond, and add solid structure atop their already sturdy foundation.

Earth & Air

Earth Signs prefer to think things through. Air Signs prefer to talk things through. This can cause strife between the two, as the Air Sign may get frustrated with their partner not talking to them about what’s going on. On the flip side, the Earth Sign may feel frustrated that they are being required to discuss things they’d rather bury. This can lead to a lot of miscommunications and/or misunderstandings. The Air Sign may also feel as if their partner is trying to “tie them down” by demanding commitment, whereas the Earth Sign may feel as if they’re the only ones truly working. On the positive side, both are logical and intellectual individuals who can share in many interesting conversations. If they can work out the differences, this can be a highly stimulating and beneficial relationship.

Earth & Water

Earth Signs prefer to bury their thoughts. Water Signs prefer to work through their feelings. Earth Signs plan. Water Signs go with the flow. These differences are often very complimentary. The Water Sign finds a solid, helpful, nurturing and caring partner in their Earth Sign mate. The Earth Sign finds someone with whom they can truly be open about that which is usually hidden and suppressed. Both provide a warm and safe environment wherein they can truly open up to one another, and show their true colors.

Air & Air

Air symbolizes ideas. When two air signs are in a relationship, they share a strong bond over ease of communication. In fact, it might be the “theme” of their relationship. They often say things like “you’re so easy to talk to.” Exchanging ideas and discussing options is how they establish intimacy and build their foundation of trust. If one of them talks more, it is often because the other understands where the conversation is going. A quiet air sign controls communication by being in charge of access and availability. They open the doors to communication by being willing to sit and listen to their partner. This gives them both reassurance of affection and communication. Decision making may be difficult for this pair, as Air signs are known for being fickle and indifferent. As long as they find ways to work together to make definitive decisions, they can be quite happy together.

Air & Water

Air Signs navigate the world through logic. Water Signs navigate the world through emotions. Air Signs prefer to observe the world around them from a safe distance. Water Signs prefer to be right up close to what they care about. When put together, those difference can either bring balance or disharmony. The Water Sign often feels they are putting in more of the affection than they are receiving, and the Air Sign often feels their freedom is being restricted. If these two can come to understand the basic differences in their nature, they have a lot to teach one another. The Air Sign can teach the Water Sign to use logic to calm their emotional waves, and the Water Sign can teach the Air Sign to open up to their true feelings.

Water & Water

Water symbolizes emotion. When two water signs are in a relationship, they understand one another instinctively. So well so, that they almost seem to read one another’s mind. While they may not be able to articulate all that they notice about their partner, they understand one another deeply, and find they share a significant amount of mutual affection and respect. While their ease of understanding prevents friction, their relationship may be seen as drifting without aim. These two swim together well, but with two very emotional individuals together, there is a tendency towards drowning in the waves. One person is upset, which makes the other upset, which causes the former to feel guilt and become more upset, which causes the latter to feel guilty… and so on. As long as they can learn to set aside their feelings at the appropriate times, the two can form a magical union.


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