The Texians defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836:

The Texians defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836:

The Alamo

The Alamo Franciscan mission and fortress compound was built in San Antonio, Texas in 1718. It was authorized by the viceroy of Mexico to be an educational center for local Indians who convert to Christianity.

Following a 13-day siege between February 23 and March 6, 1836 during the War of Texan Independence from Mexico, 4,000 Mexican troops under President General Antonio López de Santa Anna launched an assault on the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Béxar (modern-day San Antonio, Texas, United States). Just about all of the Texian defenders were killed.

The Fall of the Alamo (1903) by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk, depicts Davy Crockett wielding his rifle as a club against Mexican troops who have breached the walls of the mission

Among those killed was Jim Bowie, a colonel in the Texan army. He may have been the inventor of the curved dagger or sheath-knife, that was later named after him.

US frontiersman Davy Crockett survived the assault along with a few others, but was bayoneted to death by the Mexicans after they took the fort.

During the assault, Davy Crockett on fiddle and John McGregor on bagpipes tried to drown out the Mexican troops’ song of death.

Fewer than fifty of the almost 250 Texians who had occupied the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas were alive when the Battle of the Alamo ended at approximately 6:30 a.m. on March 6, 1836. Of the Texians who fought during the battle, only two survived: Alamo co-commander William Barret Travis’s slave, Joe, was assumed by the Mexican attackers to be a noncombatant, and Brigido Guerrero, who had deserted from the Mexican Army several months before, convinced the Mexican soldiers that he had been taken prisoner by the Texians.

Mexican Military General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who led the sacking of the Alamo fortess, is also credited with the invention of chewing gum.

Buoyed by a desire for revenge, the Texians defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836, ending the Texas Revolution. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texian Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican army in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes.

The Battle of San Jacinto (1895)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was banned from San Antonio in 1982 and arrested for defiling a national monument for urinating on the Alamo. The ban was lifted nine years later after he gave $10,000 to the caretakers of the Alamo.

Singer Phil Collins has collected hundreds of artifacts related to the Alamo. In 2012 he wrote a book, The Alamo and Beyond: A Collector’s Journey, about the famous battle.

Phil Collins donated the world’s largest private collection of Alamo artifacts to the state of Texas in 2014. It included a fringed leather pouch and a gun used by Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie’s legendary knife.


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