Border police revise account of migrant woman’s death in Texas:

Border police revise account of migrant woman’s death in Texas:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) slightly revised a report about a fatal shooting of an undocumented immigrant this week, removing language that said the border agent involved was attacked with “blunt objects.”

A Border Patrol officer on Wednesday shot and killed a woman identified as 20-year-old Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez in a Texas border town.

After the incident, the agency released an account saying that the officer was attacked with “blunt objects,” and identified the person killed as “one of the assailants.”

But the agency released an updated statement on Friday that changes key details from the original report, according to CNN. The new version does not mention the “blunt objects,” and says instead that the agent was “rushed” by a group of migrants, and that the victim was a “member of the group.”

A CBP spokesperson told CNN that the FBI and Texas Rangers are investigating the incident, but declined to comment further. The agency also canceled a conference on the shooting, according to CNN.

The original CBP account also says the group “rushed” after the officer told them to get on the ground, but a neighbor told CNN that while she heard the gunshot, she did not hear any orders or commotion before the shot. She filmed the aftermath of the shooting, including an agent giving the woman CPR.

The neighbor, Marta Martinez, raised additional questions by saying she saw a Border Patrol statement stating the agent was attacked with a “two-by-four.”

“There are no two-by-fours there,” she told CNN. “It’s only grass and some branches.”

Gomez’s family told CNN that the young woman had recently graduated from college after studying accounting in Guatemala, and was attempting to reach family in the United States and look for a job.

The incident comes as President Trump moves to increase border security and curb illegal immigration. In the past month, the administration has deployed hundreds of National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, and doubled down on a policy to separate migrant parents from their children for legal prosecution.



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