Trump bragged about classified battle in Syria during fundraiser:

Trump bragged about classified battle in Syria during fundraiser:

During a private fundraiser in New York City last week, President Trumpboasted about a classified February clash between U.S. troops and Russian mercenaries in Syria, Politico reports.

A person briefed on Trump’s remarks told the publication that despite the battle being classified, Trump told donors he was in awe of American F-18 pilots’ performance and suggested the battle resulted in up to 300 Russians being taken out. He reportedly also hinted that the clash lasted as little as “10 minutes.”

The White House declined to comment to Politico on Trump’s remarks.

About $5 million was raised for the Trump Victory Committee at the event, which was held at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. Around 100 donors attended the dinner, which cost $50,000 per person.

It’s not unusual for the president to tout the United States’ military efforts, but Trump has come under fire in the past for what critics say is allowing the public too much access to high-level information and officials.

Last year, a visitor at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida posted a Facebook photo with a person he said was responsible for carrying the black bag that contains the nuclear launch codes for the president of the United States.

While the existence of the so-called nuclear football isn’t classified, it raised concerns over the access wealthy donors and Mar-a-Lago members get to the president.



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