The Hidden Signs of Depression:

The Hidden Signs of Depression:

  1. They are the king of excuses. Have you ever tried to wear a smile when you were sad or hurt? It is exhausting. People with depression fatigue easily and have a hard time keeping the smile on their face for a long period of time. That is why they have excuses as to why they can’t make the party, they can’t hang out. They are usually the people who leave early from an event or are too sick to attend a family gathering.
  2. They Withdraw. Making excuses to get out of social gatherings is a type of withdrawal, but going out of your way to avoid friends and loved ones is a deep, isolating withdrawal. People who are depressed are unable to muster the kind of energy maintaining a relationship or friendship demands. The person on the receiving end of the avoidance often feels hurt because they believe the lack of contact is due to something they have done.
  3. They become easily agitated or anxious. Some people show signs of restlessness. They are unable to sit still, and their eyes constantly look around the room. They seem uneasy and get angry when asked if something is wrong.
  4. They are always tired. Many illnesses and diseases can cause fatigue, but if an otherwise healthy person seems to lack the energy to do anything other than watch Netflix day in and day out, that may be a sign of depression. Even the smallest of tasks become overwhelming.
  5. Changes in appetite. Some people stop eating when they are depressed. They find food to be bland and they feel full quickly. Other people are unable to stop eating and they gain weight. The depression worsens because they now have a self-image problem as well.
  6. Feelings of guilt and self-blame. Depressed people are not happy with anyone and that includes themselves. They do not understand why they feel worthless and unlovable and often every past failure comes to the surface and they agonize over every mistake.
  7. Confusion and/or mental slowness. Depression clouds the brain and makes you feel like you are trying to run under water.  People who are depressed often will take longer to formulate answers to questions. It seems to take them a long time to think and sometimes they appear confused and forgetful.
  8. They have physical pain. Depression is painful and not just mentally. People who have suffered from depression for a long time have physical pain. It can manifest in the form of a headache or severe backache. Sometimes it is stomach or abdominal pain.

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