US searching for way to pay for Kim Jong Un’s hotel stay during summit:

US searching for way to pay for Kim Jong Un’s hotel stay during summit:

U.S. officials working to plan President Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore have reportedly run into a logistical problem — who will pay for Kim’s hotel?

The Washington Post reported Friday that the cash-strapped state requires a foreign country to cover the cost of their preferred accommodations.

A presidential suite at The Fullerton hotel, a five-star resort on a secluded island, can cost more than $6,000 a night.

The North Korean delegation may also need to travel on a plane provided by another country, the newspaper reported.

Two sources told the Post that the U.S. is open to covering the tab of the summit, but they noted that Pyongyang could also view the payment as an insult.

“It is an ironic and telling deviation from North Korea’s insistence on being treated on an ‘equal footing,’ ” Scott Snyder, a Korea expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, told the paper.

U.S. officials are considering asking Singapore, the host country for the summit, to cover the costs, the Post reported.

Trump announced on Friday that the June 12 meeting was back on, ending uncertainty after he canceled it last week.

Trump announced the summit after meeting for over an hour in the Oval Office with top North Korean official Kim Yong Chol, who delivered a personal letter from Kim Jong Un.

“We’re going to be June 12 — we’ll be in Singapore. It’ll be a beginning,” Trump told reporters on the South Lawn, adding, “I think we’re going to have a very positive result in the end.”

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