How to get over feeling sad:

How to get over feeling sad:

1. Make a list of everything you’re thankful for – and try to find some memories that make you smile. There’s nothing like some humour for changing how you feel.

2. Decide to do some fun things with your friends. Although it might be tempting to stay home alone, and to have a bubble bath, or to curl up with a book, you’ll probably feel better if you go out with your friends. It stops you dwelling on your thoughts, and moves your focus somewhere else.

3. Get some exercise. Endorphins are released when we get some exercise. This improves our mood with no real effort on our part (and you may well feel less tired, and more healthy as well).

4. Set yourself some goals and break them down into small steps. As you work through these steps you’ll start to see some gradual change – and you’ll feel you’re going somewhere instead of marking time (or even worse than that, feeling like you’re going nowhere).

5. Play it forward. Do something selfless and kind for someone else. It’ll take them by surprise and it will likely make their day. Then, you’ll feel so much better about yourself as well.

6. Tell yourself that it will pass as moods are changeable. Our feelings are so fickle and unreliable. Tomorrow the same things might not bother you at all.

7. Recognise that your mind is a battleground. We’re all assaulted by unwanted and negative thoughts. They attack our self- confidence and self-esteem. Counteract that by thinking of your positives and strengths, your progress and successes, and how you’ve changed and grown.

8. It’s different if you’re coping with a serious loss. If your sadness is linked to a serious loss, like the death of a loved one, or a crisis event, then stay with the pain as it will help you to heal. In time it will pass and you’ll feel normal again.


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