Russian state TV- ‘Crimea is ours; Trump is ours’:

Russian state TV- ‘Crimea is ours; Trump is ours’:

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Julia Davis@JuliaDavisNews

‘s state TV:
Participants discuss @BuzzFeed report that Trump told G7 leaders “Crimea is Russian, because everyone who lives there speaks Russian.” They interpret it as Trump’s recognition of Crimea’s status.
The hosts triumphantly declare: “Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!”

Julia Davis, who found this gem, is a Russia media analyst. According to her CV, she “specializes in exposing Russian propaganda tactics, with focus on the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare and foreign policy.”

So the Russians know Trump is a de facto agent, our G-7 allies know he’s a de facto agent, and by now Kim Jong Un knows he’s a de facto agent. Who doesn’t know?

These blind squirrels who have found their nut and just won’t let go:


And unlike Kim Jong Un, who doesn’t get to vote in our elections (yet), they can keep this turd cyclone of a presidency spinning for another four years.

Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s outvote them this November.


BY: Aldous J Pennyfarthing

Friday June 15, 2018


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