Russian mining firm places seal with Trump’s face on asbestos products:

Russian mining firm places seal with Trump’s face on asbestos products:

One of the world’s largest and producers and sellers of asbestos has reportedly begun placing a seal with President Trump‘s face on its products.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that Uralasbest has adorned pallets of its products with Trump’s face and the message, “Approved by Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States.”

he news outlet noted that the move came after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) elected not to prohibit the new asbestos product outright.

“Donald is on our side!” Uralasbest announced in a Facebook post accompanied by the products with Trump’s face stamped atop them. The post also thanks Trump for supporting former EPA chief Scott Pruitt and adds that Trump called asbestos “100% safe after application.”

Donald is on our side!

The combine “Uralasbest” produced an unusual batch of chrysotile: on the packaging of pallets with a mineral there is a stamp “Approved by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States”. In this unusual way, the workers of the combine’s asbestos-processing plant thanked US President Donald Trump for his words in defense of chrysotile-asbestos.
He supported the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt, who stated that his agency would no longer deal with the negative effects that could potentially result from products containing asbestos. Donald Trump supported the specialist and called asbestos “100 percent safe after use.”
“We came out with the initiative to support our chrysotile industry in this way and remind that our” mountain flax “is an important mineral for the whole world. The management has approved! “, They told in the factory.

Image may contain: 1 person
Image may contain: 1 person

Uralasbest is located in Asbest, a mining city in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The Guardian notes that previous reports have said the company has ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom Trump is set to meet in Finland this month.

Environmental groups have been critical of Uralasbest and the decision from the EPA not to ban asbestos on public health grounds.

“Vladimir Putin and Russia’s asbestos industry stand to prosper mightily as a result of the Trump administration’s failure to ban asbestos in the US,” Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, told The Guardian.

Asbestos is classified by the U.S. government as a “known carcinogen” because of the evidence that suggests asbestos fibers can become lodged in the lungs and cause mesothelioma. It can also reportedly cause cancers of the lung, larynx and ovary.

Using asbestos for clothing and roofing is still allowed in the U.S., but the EPA in June announced that it would take further action on the product by using the “best available science” to evaluate its effects.



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