A Method of Hearing Mass in Union with the Passion of Christ:

A Method of Hearing Mass in Union with the Passion of Christ:

  1. At the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar – Jesus enters the Garden
  2. At the Beginning of Mass – Prayer of Jesus in the Garden
  3. At the Confiteor – Jesus prostrated in the Garden, laden with the sins of mankind
  4. The Priest kisses the Altar – Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss
  5. The priest goes to the Epistle side – Jesus is dragged to prison
  6. At the Introit – Jesus is struck on the Face
  7. At the Kyrie Eleison – Jesus is thrice denied by Peter
  8. At the Dominus Vobiscum – Jesus looks at Peter and converts him
  9. At the Epistle – Jesus is conducted to the house of Pilate
  10. At the Munda Cor Meum – Jesus is led to Herod
  11. At the Gospel – Jesus is mocked as a fool and sent back to Pilate
  12. The Priest unveils the Chalice – Jesus is stripped of His garments
  13. At the Offertory – Jesus is scourged and offers up His sufferings to the Father
  14. The Priest covers the Chalice – Jesus is crowned with thorns
  15. The priest washes his fingers – Pilate washes his hands
  16. At the Orate Fratres – Pilate says to the Jews, “Behold the Man”
  17. At the Preface – Jesus is condemned to death
  18. At the Memento for the Living – Jesus carries His Cross
  19. The Priest extends his hands over the Chalice – Veronica wipes with a linen cloth the Face of Jesus
  20. The Priest makes the Sign of the Cross over Bread and Wine five times – Jesus is nailed to the Cross
  21. At the Elevation of the Host – The Cross of Jesus is elevated between Heaven and earth.
  22. At the Elevation of the Chalice – The Blood of Jesus flows from His wounds.
  23. At the Momento for the dead – Jesus prays for all men
  24. At the Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus – The conversion of the Good Thief (St. Dismas)
  25. At the Pater Noster – The Seven Last Words of Christ
  26. At the division of the Host – Jesus expires on the Cross; The veil of the Temple is rent in two.
  27. The Priest puts a particle of the Host into the Chalice – The Soul of Jesus descends into Limbo.
  28. At the Agnus Dei – The centurion and those around him strike their breasts and say “Indeed this was the Son of God!”
  29. At the Communion – Jesus is buried
  30. At the Ablution – Jesus’ Body is is embalmed
  31. After the Communion – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  32. At the Dominus Vobiscum – Jesus appears to His disciples and says “Peace be to you”
  33. At the Post Communion – Jesus converses for forty days with His disciples
  34. The last Dominus Vobiscum – Jesus ascends to Heaven
  35. At the Priest’s blessing – The descent of the Holy Ghost

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