7 Tips for Dealing with Stress:

7 Tips for Dealing with Stress:

1. Make a list of the most important things to do each day, in order of priority. Think of exactly how you’ll get these done – and don’t think about all the other extra things.

2. Be aware of the triggers that cause you to feel stressed and then imagine coping successfully with these, so you stay in control and can keep getting on with life.

3. When you notice your stress rising, try to focus on your breathing, and make sure that this is slow, even, deep and regular.

4. Take some time out to recover and invest in yourself so you feel you’re being supported, and allowed to take your time – instead of feeling pressurized, controlled, or else boxed in.

5. Learn to say “no” and to set some boundaries. You only need to do what’s best for you right now. You don’t have to please others, or to do what others say.

6. Don’t run away from problems as that only makes things worse. It’s better to be brave … and then to do what should be done. In the long run, it will help you, and you’ll feel a lot less stressed.

7. Talk to other people to see if they can help. Sometimes it makes a difference if someone else is there, and can listen, and support you, when your life is difficult.


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