Marriage- Icon of Holy Trinity:

Marriage- Icon of Holy Trinity:

St. John Paul II – Theology of the Body

“The theology of the body consists of a searching analysis of biblical texts that reveal the mystery of the body, sexuality, and marriage at three critical “levels” of human experience:

  • as man experienced them “in the beginning” before sin (Original Man);
  • as man experiences them in human history affected by sin, yet redeemed in Christ (Historical Man);
  • and as man will experience them in the resurrection of the body (Eschatological Man).

This forms his “adequate anthropology.” He continues his catechesis by analyzing scriptural passages that reveal the meaning of Christian celibacy and Christian marriage in light of this “total vision of man.” He then concludes with a reflection on Humanae Vitae demonstrating that “the doctrine contained in this document is organically related to the whole biblical question of the theology of the body” (General Audience 11/28/84).

According to John Paul, by reflecting on these three levels of “experiencing” the body, sexuality, and marriage, we discover the very structure and deepest reality of human identity – we find our place in the cosmos and even penetrate the mystery of the Trinitarian God. 

How is this so through contemplating the body, sex, and marriage? As John Paul shows us, the question of sexuality and marriage is not a peripheral issue. In fact, he says the call to “nuptial love” inscribed in our bodies is “the fundamental element of human existence in the world” (General Audience 1/16/80). In light of Ephesians 5, he even says that the ultimate truth about the “great mystery” of marriage “is in a certain sense the central theme of the whole of revelation, its central reality” (General Audience 9/8/82).

This is to say that everything God wants to tell us on earth about who he is, the meaning of life, the reason he created us, how we are to live, as well as our ultimate destiny, is contained somehow in the meaning of the human body and the call of male and female to become “one body” in marriage.

How? Pointing always to the Scriptures, the Holy Father reminds us that the Christian mystery itself is a mystery about marriage – the marriage between Christ and the Church. Yes, God’s plan from all eternity is to draw us into the closest communion with himself – to “marry” us! Jesus took on a body so we could become “one body” with him (which we do in the Eucharist).

… John Paul says, “[the body] was created to transfer in the visible reality of the world the invisible mystery hidden since time immemorial in God, and thus be a sign of it” (General Audience 2/20/80). This striking declaration brings us to the summit of John Paul’s anthropology (his understanding of man), crystallizing everything he has to say about the body. The human body reveals the mystery of God!

But what particular characteristic of the body allows us to understand it this way? The answer is its sexuality, its unifying complementarity as male and female.

…“Communion of persons” (communio personarum in Latin) is a key concept for John Paul. The marital embrace is not merely a union of bodies, but a communion of persons brought about through the body. And this communion of persons in “one flesh” is an icon of the inner-life of the Trinity!”

– Christopher West, The Pope’s Theology of the Body

^^ THIS is why I denounce any attempts from society to normalize gay ‘marriage’ , numerous sexual deviances and distorted gender ideologies.

Mess with marriage and you’re messing with my God.  


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