Trump Organization missed property-tax deadlines in five states:

Trump Organization missed property-tax deadlines in five states:

President Trump’s company reportedly missed deadlines to pay property-tax bills in five states this year, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Trump’s company did not pay on time in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois and California, according to the newspaper, which reported that records show the company missed a Nov. 30 deadline on taxes for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, two mansions and three golf courses.

The company’s property tax bill increased by $23,500 after missing the opportunity to claim a 4 percent discount, the newspaper noted.

Records reportedly show the organization did not pay the $155,000 bill due on Feb. 1 in New Jersey for its golf club, instead making a payment three weeks later on Feb. 21.

Trump’s Chicago hotel and tower, meanwhile, apparently missed the property-tax deadline over an administrative error, according to the Post.

The required ID number was left off the paperwork, Thomas Corfman, a spokesman for the Cook County Treasurer’s Office, told the newspaper, which noted the Trump Organization was required to pay $17,800 in interest.

Bills were also not paid for the Jan. 31 deadline for Trump’s Seven Springs estate in Westchester County, N.Y, costing $15,000 in penalties, it added.

County officials in California told the Post that Trump’s company only paid five out of the eight bills due by Dec. 10, 2017 for a golf course near Los Angeles.

The Trump Organization, however, contradicted the records and said the company had not made any late payments.

“We have always paid our real estate taxes on a timely basis, and to say otherwise is totally disingenuous,” a spokeswoman wrote to the Post.

It is unclear why the other properties missed deadlines, which is reportedly out of character for the company, the Post noted, adding that the Trump Organization was typically timely about paying the hundreds of property-tax bills it receives each year.

Trump still owns the organization despite handing over operations to his two eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, when he took office.



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