7 Simple Steps to Greater Happiness:

7 Simple Steps to Greater Happiness:

1. Live fully in the moment and appreciate the now. There’s always something good to be thankful for.

2. Notice the little things that make life easier, bring a smile to you face, or relieve your sense of stress.

3. Seek to simply your life – try cut down what you do, reduce your time commitments, and demands being made of you.

4. Instead of focusing on stuff, see the beauty in the world. Nature helps us to relax – and can restore a sense of peace.

5. Focus on the positives. Try and be the kind of person who looks for what is good, is hopeful, optimistic and sees the glass “half full”.

6. Accept what can’t be changed, and relinquish your desire to always have control – so that things turn out the way you’d planned.

7. Appreciate and value all the people in your life. Treasure and invest time in your key relationships.